I have been using BODi programs and supplements since 2017! When I first committed to a challenge group, it was because I was struggling with my weight. But I soon found out that this was so much more than just a challenge group. It was a life changing decision for me!

I had no idea that my entire life would transform and that I would want to pay it forward! All I could think about, was...

if I can help one person change their life, then coaching is worth it...

I launched my business on Facebook and started the Healthy and Awesome women private group where I would share my favorite clean recipes, my top tips and mindset hacks for reaching your health and fitness goals.

I had very few friends on Facebook, I didn’t have an Instagram account and I had never done anything like this before! I’m a natural introvert and putting myself out there on social media made me uneasy. But, there was something inside of me that was really pushing me to have the courage to go after this opportunity.

I started to build my business in the pockets of mom life as well as while I was running a successful in home daycare (from 2008-2022). I continued to run daycare even after years of growing my BODi business.

I would wake up early, work during their nap times, and evenings to get my business going. After listening to a team call one Monday night, I heard stories of how other women were affording vacations, paying off bills and upgrading their homes, I was really IN!!!

We were living paycheck to paycheck and there was not a family vacation in the near future. There was literally less than $100 left each month after our bills were paid. Seriously, was this all there was to life? I’m just barely going to get by? We are just going to work and kinda sorta make ends meet?

I saw partnering with BODi as a way to provide income for our family and an opportunity to create a different path than just, STRUGGLE for us! In fact, when I signed up for BODi as a partner I literally spent everything we had until the next paycheck. Talk about FAITH! Talk about GOING ALL IN!

One of the greatest blessings of this opportunity is, it is what you make it.

You want to achieve CRAZY WILD income, you can do it.

You want to earn AMAZING FREE TRIPS, you can do it.

You want to climb to the TOP of the company, you can do it!!!

You want to make enough to BUY GAS or GROCERIES, you can do it.

I remember when I earned my first rank promotion from BODi as an Emerald Partner. Then when I earned the rank of Diamond Partner. Then when I earned a free cruise to the Bahamas! It's ALL possible, no matter what your goals are, you can do it!

The best part about being a partner is seeing others on my team succeed! I love serving my team and helping them to create whatever level of success they desire. I have created a new partner mentorship retreat for my team, leadership training and mentorship at every level of their partner journey.

If you are looking to become a BODi Partner, lets chat!!!

I’m currently accepting new partners on my team for the mentorship retreat.

What does my private mentorship consist of:

  • A new partner starter guide that will walk you through the steps to launching your business.

  • Access to my private online team page with resources, training guides and videos to help you grow your business.

  • Weekly calls and coaching sessions designed to help you navigate the start of your coaching business.

  • A community of supportive women who are go getters, hard working, positive and down to earth.

  • The opportunity to change your life on whatever scale you desire.

To apply for my mentorship, please complete the application below.

*Note, if you are already a partner, you cannot apply for this mentorship. This is only for brand new partners who join my team.

**BODi does not guarantee any level of success or income from the BODi Distributor Opportunity. Each Partner’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.